CPC rejoices in the opportunity to support these local, national and global mission efforts. 

Mission To North America

On April 12, 2020, Easter Sunday, a devastating tornado swept through Chattanooga destroying buildings and leaving many homeless. This is the wonderful story of God’s Grace at work, through His people, during a time of crises.



Child Evangelism Fellowship

MEMORIAL HOSPITAL LUNCH MINISTRY : Thursdays | Pastor Mullinax's Office (O-201)

Our church has the privilege of being part of a luncheon ministry at Memorial Hospital, providing lunches to families in the waiting room. Members can donate sandwiches, snacks and fruit by dropping them off in front of Pastor Mullinax's office Tuesday or Wednesday prior. Contact the Church Office to sign up.



Amani Ya Juu

Agape Puppets

Mark Casson - Metanoia Prison Ministries

Chattanooga Sports Ministries


East Ridge Wyldlife

Jay and Bev Fowler

Dan and Mako Gilchrist

Harvest USA

Russ and Amanda Hightower

Hope for the Inner City

Lee and Jennifer Leadbetter - RUF International 

Love’s Arm Outreach Ministries

Andy and Kathy Napier

PCA Agencies and Committees

John Mark and Caroline Scruggs - RUF Chattanooga

Teresa Snow

Dan and Susan Steere

Volunteers in Medicine



We are strongly committed to encouraging, praying for and supporting those people God raises from our body to career mission work. We long to be a sending, as well as a supporting, church.



God’s kingdom is dynamic and expanding. At CPC we believe that we are all called by God to be His instruments in taking the gospel to all peoples, tongues, tribes and nations. To this end CPC actively partners with over 30 missionaries and agencies throughout the world.  Our partnership in the gospel (Philippians 1.5) lies in the areas of financial, prayer and personal support.

We encourage and promote short-term mission opportunities for our church family, both locally and internationally. CPC hosts an annual Missions Conference each November that focuses on getting to know our missionaries and their work better, along with how we can more effectively be engaged in the Great Commission.



Chernobyl Children’s Program

Heidi Meiners

Pete and Ruth Mitchell

Frank and Cindy Sindler

David and Eowyn Stoddard



African Bible University

Tom and Ann Austin

Christine Harrison

Luke and Amanda McAuley

Josiah and Miriam Walters



Paul Billy and Shirley Arnold

Matt and Annette Cummings

Jamie and Bethany Sexton

Sujai and Lavanya Suneetha

Stepan and Alla Solodukha



James and Karen Ashley

Haitian American Friendship Foundation

Jeff and Heather Vaughn



PCA Agencies

Randy and Joan Nabors

Brian and Connie Shepson

Teresa Snow

Tennessee Valley Presbytery



NoNo and Kate Beale

Andrew and Julie Halbert



Agape Puppets

Third Millennium Ministries

Gary and Phyllis Waldecker

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